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Project Portfolio:

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Engineering Analysis

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC provides engineering analysis to assist clients in solving various problems as they relate to litigation support and analysis in order to recover damages from flooding.

Because this office is managed by a team of experienced professionals, we are able to provide expert analysis and testimony to assist our clients.



MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC is run by a licensed professional who has a Master of Environmental Engineering degree from Manhattan College. Because of Michael J. Sandor's educational background and associated experience, this office is uniquely qualified to assist clients in environmental analysis, remediation, and permitting.


Hydrology & Hydraulics

Our company has a long history of engineering analysis as it relates to hydrology (rainfall) and hydraulics, which is utilized to analyze flooding, dam breaks and inundation mapping. We are experts at stormwater quality and quantity, as well as meeting the requirements of the Department of Environmental Protection, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Department of Health. We have been contracted by the Orange County Department of Public Works to analyze bridge sizing utilizing hydraulic models to verify peak rates of runoff and bridge hydraulics; and more recently, the City of Middletown to analyze revisions to Flood Insurance Studies.

Various presentations and publications have been authored in these fields and will be made available in PDF format on this website in the near future.



MJS Engineering has supported municipal clients as it relates to municipal improvements such as roads, storm drainage, water supply, sanitary sewer systems and grant preparation.


Plot Plans

Septic System Repair or Replacement: MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC is experienced in assisting clients with septic system problems associated with failure or expansions to their systems.

A septic system is a means by which sewer effluent, after being treated in a septic tank, is discharged into a series of absorption trenches for absorption into the soil. Older systems (20 years or older) were generally not designed utilizing the NYS Health Department criteria. These older homes were sometimes built as summer bungalows and then turned into year-round homes. In addition to the property not being large enough to handle a more modern system, there are generally many other constraints that need to be considered in order to replace the system with one that meets NYS Health Department regulations.

MJS works with local health departments in order to rehabilitate and reconstruct these systems to try to meet current regulations. We work closely with the various town or village building departments to replace a system.

The first step is to conduct a site observation and review background information from the various municipalities or homeowners. We will conduct a site observation to review the problems associated with a septic system reconstruction. We then conduct percolation testing to verify the absorptive capacity of the soil in the location where the septic system would be located.


Site Plans

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC has provided its clients with Site Plan, land use and construction documents for a host of projects both locally, nationally and internationally.

As part of the Site Plan process, this office assists its clients in site selection by conducting background checks and site visits to determine their needs for a particular location and use. We will prepare a set of construction documents for the construction an layout of these facilities.

An important consideration in construction document preparation is the experience that a firm has as it relates to detailing the components for the Site Plan. Because of the expertise that this firm has, clients have indicated that the document set was thorough, saving both time and money during the construction process.

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC will assist the land use approval before the various planning boards to seek approval for the particular site.



Structural evaluations can range from foundation evaluations and design or analysis and modification of wood trusses, to retaining wall design or the design of bridge foundations. When needed, we go on-site to assist residential inspectors with evaluations of structural and foundation problems.



MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC has completed subdivisions throughout the tri-state region. We offer services such as boundary and topographic surveys, initial planning, environmental evaluations, Environmental Impact Statements, traffic analysis, water supply and sewage disposal systems, and roadway and infrastructure design. We represent clients before municipal, county and state agencies to secure the necessary permitting for subdivision construction.



We have been privileged to have worked on international projects which include a golf course design in Costa Rica, a Buddist theme park in China and a design competition in Kuwait.

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