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MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC is fully aware of the land use approval process through the local planning boards, zoning board of appeals, or town boards.

This office will provide the client with professional representation before these boards in order to seek the land use approvals for their subdivisions. We provide detailed engineering drawings for the infrastructure, including water, sewer, site grading, drainage, stormwater management, lighting, and soil erosion and sediment control.

We have been instrumental in working with the various town boards to provide clustered subdivisions which are showcases for planned community development. In addition, we obtain outside agency approvals, such as the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for stream disturbances, stream crossings, wetland disturbances, State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) Permits, Water-taking Permits, Sewage Treatment Work Permits, water supply applications and construction observation, stakeout and support.

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC is well known in the Orange County area having worked on projects such as these:


Homestead Village

Warwick, NY

Phase III, 72-unit condominium project including layout, roads, drainage design, sanitary sewer and pump station analysis, Environmental Impact Statement and representation before the local planning and zoning boards.

Prepared an Asphalt Pavement Study to review the as-built conditions of this condominium project. This study was used in defense of homeowners' claims against the developer. We were able to show that the homeowners presented skewed results regarding the as-built pavement thickness.


Somerset Crossing Subdivision

East Fishkill, NY



Alexander Smith Subdivision

Monroe, NY

Concept through final layout of a 103 lot residential subdivision. Design consisted of road layout, stormwater management, sanitary, water supply, and soil erosion and sediment control. Water design required a 300,00 gallon storage tank and fire-booster pumps for fire protection. Numerous presentation before the local planning board were required.


Lake Manor

Monroe, NY

Complete municipal design including interconnection of village water system for a 26 lot upscale residential subdivision. Because of current sewer district moratorium, the project was designed with on-site sewage facilities with dry sewer back-up.


Woodbury Heights Estates (SEPCO)

Woodbury, NY

Due to topographic constraints on the property, the developer took into consideration Part 281 of the town law to cluster this 63 lot subdivision. The project required the preparation of an environmental impact statement including extensive coordination with local and state officials. The project also provides additional water supply to this portion of the town and consists of a sewage pump station, water supply wells, water treatment and storage, stormwater management, and all municipal improvement designs.


Shea Meadows

Monroe, NY

A 49 lot subdivision including lot layout, water, sewer, road and stormwater design. The project required the creation of a high pressure water district to serve this property. Design required the installation of a pneumatic water delivery system with additional fire pumps for fire protection.


West Point Farms

Woodbury, NY

A 60 lot subdivision constructed in three phases. Complete design of all municipal improvements, including on-site disposal systems, box culverts, and de-watering system. Project also required the rehabilitation of an on-site pond and its outlet structure.


PC is a professional corporation with offices in Goshen, Orange County, NY.  The company was founded in 1996 by Michael J. Sandor, PE, who holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from the City College of New York and a Master of Environmental Engineering degree from Manhattan College.  He is also an adjunct instructor in the surveying program at Sullivan County Community College.  He has over 30 years experience working on projects, both nationally and internationallyMonroe Industrial Development

Monroe, NY

Our office was selected to create a Master Development Plan for the 150 acre industrial park in the Town of Monroe. We provided a Comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan, as well as addressing the infrastructure needs for the proposed development.

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