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Time Warner Cable NY/NJ

Wallkill, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, worked with Art of Form Architecture to design a building addition and parking lot expansion for the Time Warner Cable Customer Call Center on Industrial Drive, in the Town of Wallkill.  Our office designed the site layout, stormwater management controls, and building security systems.  We conducted deed research and successfully obtained a Lot Line Change for additional parcels which were purchased to expand upon.  We provided topographic and boundary surveys of the property, and successfully brought the project through the planning process.  MJS is now working with the contractors to provide stake out services and construction support.   


C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Chester, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying worked in conjunction with V. Paulius Associates to design what will become the tallest warehouse facility in Orange County.  C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. is the largest wholesale grocery distributor in the United States and proposed a 338,000 SF refrigerated distribution center.  Our office designed the stormwater system and is currently conducting erosion and sediment control inspections during the construction of the warehouse and we have coordinated directly with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, The Town of Chester and the Village of Chester. 

This office also analyzed and calculated the amounts of cut and fill for three project sites involved with the construction.  Stake out services and topographic surveys have also been conducted on the site. 


Duck Cedar Plaza

Tuxedo, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying was responsible for designing the site plan to completely renovate a former Duck Cedar Inn; a prominent fixture in Orange County since it was originally constructed in the 1970’s.  Today Duck Cedar Plaza consists of a 25,700 SF retail space which will house a light industry machine shop and retail stores, restaurants and eateries.  Variances and site plan approval were obtained from the Town of Tuxedo.  Because modifications to NYS Route 17M were necessary as part of the renovation, a NYS Department of Transportation Highway Work Permit was obtained.  A full evaluation of the wooden trusses within the building was conducted, in order to meet the new requirements of the State Building Code requirements for analysis.


Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center

Newburgh, NY

MJS Engineering and Land Surveying, in conjunction with Machado Architectural Group, was retained to provide engineering and land surveying services for a new two story, 36,526 square foot medical facility proposed by Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center.  The completed medical facility now represents the largest low cost health care facility in the city, and provides and invaluable benefit to the residents who live there. 

Our work included successful planning board representation, State Environmental Quality Reviews, the design and approval of a water main connection to bring water service to the facility, complete preparation of contract documents and specifications, and construction support.           


Storm King Art Center

Cornwall, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying serves as the design professional to provide engineering and land surveying services for this 500 acre contemporary sculpture park and museum.  We have helped the art center with a large variety of projects, ranging from parking lot and road design, septic system and infrastructure designs, sculpture placement, topographic surveys and as-built surveys on completed sculptures.  The Storm King Art Center is an asset to the community and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with them on such as diverse array of projects.    


New England Motor Freight

Town of Montgomery, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying has provided engineering services for New England Motor Freight since 2000.  We have provided site design and engineering aspects for their existing distribution center, including fire protection, water supply, sanitary sewer disposal, truck circulation, wetlands permitting, and Site Plan applications.  We also designed a 4.5 acre rear parking area, for the long term storage of trailers.  This project included crossing NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and Army Corps of Engineers wetlands.  The parking lot includes stormwater treatment for quantity controls.  Wetland mitigation was included, due to impacts to NYSDEC wetlands.  This project required approval by NYSDEC, ACOE and the Town of Montgomery.


Horizon Family Medical Group

Town of Chester, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying designed the full site plan including landscaping, lighting, erosion and sediment control, and septic design for a brand new 8,732 SF medical office building to house Horizon Medical.  Water service for the project site was successfully obtained from the Town of Chester.  Land use approvals were obtained from the Village of Chester Planning Board.  This office worked in conjunction with Drago Architectural and Verticon, Ltd., to implement architectural designs and to provide surveying services and construction support through the completion of the project.  


South Orange Family YMCA

Monroe, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying teamed with Verticon, Ltd, to provide the site plan design and layout including surveying, stormwater management, and traffic control.  We are working with the NYSDOT to obtain a highway work permit and the County of Orange for permission to cross over the Heritage Trail.  We are also providing all construction stakeout support. 


Vinum Cafe at the Brotherhood Winery

Washingtonville, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying partnered with Machado Architectural Group and NLG Engineering to design the new Vinum Cafe at the Brotherhood Winery.  Our services included structural modifications and a fire protection system for this 3,581 SF restaurant and outdoor patio.  We coordinated with the Village of Washingtonville Building Department for full compliance and issuance of a Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy.  We also provided site inspections and construction support. 


Storage USA at the Galleria

Town of Wallkill, NY

MJS Engineering and Land Surveying worked with the owner to secure site plan approval for a 56,372 SF warehouse and storage facility with an apartment for the onsite manager’s use.  Our services included planning board presentations and interior renovations to create the apartment which included fire protection and sprinkler modifications.  In addition, we provided the design of a fully compliant fire alarm system. 

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