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Site Plans

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Zircar Ceramics

Florida, NY

MJS Engineering & Land Surveying, PC was retained to provide engineering services for a 5,625 SF building expansion.  Along with the Site Plan Application, a Zoning Board of Appeals Application and appearances were needed for side and rear yard variances, as well as a continuation of a non-conforming use in this zone. 


Roscoe House - Bed & Breakfast

Monroe, NY

Our office prepared the site plan and made the presentations to the Village of Monroe Planning Board for a proposed bed & breakfast located on the old Roscoe Smith Estate along Lakes Road in the Village of Monroe.  Our office was able to meet the concerns of the Village Planning Board and meet the requirements of the owner.  This was done within a three month timeframe.


St. Mary's Parochial School & Church

Washingtonville, NY

Parking lot expansion and site improvements to accommodate additional classrooms and rectory.  Detailed study of existing pond was necessary to evaluate possible use as a detention pond.


James Motel, Proposed Shopping Center

Route 17M, Monroe, NY

Preparation of plans, specifications, details quantities, Environmental Impact Statements, attendance at public hearings and planning board meetings.  This project is an 18,000 sq.ft. mixed office and retail facility.  One of the problems solved regarding this site was the fact that the site sits in the flood plane of the Ramapo River. 

Detailed analysis was necessary to limit the peak rate of run-off from the site to the existing rate.  In addition, the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) was honored by providing balanced cut and fills.  Detailed traffic studies were also performed to determine the impact that the project would have along State Route 17M.


Blooming Grove Plaza

Blooming Grove, NY

Preparation of plans, specifications, quantities, cost estimates, sewage treatment facilities, SPDES permit, water supply, NYSDOT highway permit, and attendance at planning board meetings for a 17,000 sq.ft. office and retail facility.  Sewage disposal design consisted of a large on-site disposal system.


New England Business Service

Flagstaff, AZ

Developed stormwater management plan for existing site to meet new municipal ordinance requiring 'no net increase' in peak storm water discharge from any developed site.


AT&T Communications

Framingham, MA

Prepared a Fundamental Design Report and contract documents for repaving and handicap access to the existing telephone equipment building.  The report identified areas of pavement restoration and replacement, alternatives for pavement improvements, and handicap access was designed to meet the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (28CFR, Part 38).


Insulation Production Facility

Northeast, USA

Detailed cost estimate and preliminary engineering for a grass roots insulation production facility.  The approximate footprint of the facility is 1.6 million SF, to be located on a two hundred and fifty (250) acre site. 

The civil assignment was to develop the circulation, rail siding, production wells, water distribution, stormwater retention, waste water treatment, and fire protection systems to support the facility.


Grumman Aerospace

Bethpage, NY

Coordinated and detailed all site activities for a 110,000 SF hangar for repair and calibration of jet aircraft.  Responsibilities included determining aircraft maneuvering clearance, placement of blast fences, pavement design, stormwater management, and employee parking.



New York, NY

Preparation of contract documents for a showroom which required extensive permitting from city agencies.



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