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Environmental Studies


Fire Protection Overflow Containment

Bridgewater, NJ

Preparation of a fire protection overflow containment reserve for hazardous spills. The concern was stormwater discharge of fire protection water containing hazardous material. The solution was to use the depressed truck dock as a containment area during emergencies, but to freely drain storm water during normal use. By providing automatic valves tied to the fire protection system, we were able to meet the owner's concerns.


Emission Control of VOC

Warwick, NY

Air permit for VOC (Volitale Organic Compounds) emissions for the production area paint spray booths. This permit was subsequently modified due to the installation of a powder-coating process which virtually eliminates the emissions of VOCs.


Green Sand Filtration System

Valhalla, NY

A universal cold fill facility was installed as a pilot plant to their facility in Valhalla, New York. This facility required the design of a water treatment system consisting of green sand filtration, carbon filters, and UV disinfection to treat 183 gpm of process water. In addition, the acid waste neutralization system was upgraded for continuous ph adjustment to meet pre-treatment limits as set by the municipality.


Underground Tank Closure

Park Ridge, NJ

Underground storage tank closure and air remediation plan for three sites owned by the municipality. The assignment consisted of securing the permits from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, reviewing contractors' qualifications, and supervision of closure and remediation operations. All three sites were successfully closed.


Environmental Impact Statement

Monroe, NY

Prepared an Environmental Phase I report for property considered for a new village hall and police headquarters. Work consisted of researching historical records and existing conditions in order to evaluate possible environment impacts to any future clean-up.


Environmental Report

Northvale, NY

Prepared an Environmental Phase I report for a three-story building. Survey consisted of reviewing potential contamination of the structure and grounds, as well as recommending further action.


Septic System Replacement

Woodbury, NY

Replacement of septic system for summer camp. System was designed for a 15,00 gpd. The treatment system consisted of septic tank, dual dosing chamber, buried sand filters, chlorine contact tank, and de-chlorination. Final discharge was to surface water.


Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Monroe, NY

During the review process, the implementation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) was requested by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). SWPPPs require that stormwater run-off be treated prior to discharge to regulated bodies of water. Because the project was presently under construction, MJS Engineering, in conjunction with the NYSDEC, came up with the unique solutions to meet the requirements of the stormwater pollution prevention plan without major modifications to the approved plan. The potential savings of the solutions saved the developer over $75,000.


Bio-filtration Swale

New Windsor, NY

Working in conjunction with a local surveyor, we prepared a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Section II of this development to meet the requirements set by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. By working closely with the town engineer and the highway department supervisor, we developed a solution which met the requirements of the NYSDEC, as well as the town officials. Because this project was directly adjacent to state-regulated wetlands, careful consideration had to be afforded to the potential impacts that the development would have on the wetlands. By creating bio-filtration swales and buffer areas, we were able to meet the requirements of the SWPPP.


Organic Chemical Storage System

Fitchburg, MA

Detailed cost estimate for alternatives for a tank farm to store organic chemical use for process. The alternatives were between a replacement of underground tanks, versus an above ground facility. Local, state and federal codes were reviewed to determine all constraints associated with the alternatives.

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